YouTube video hosting will start the new function Buy Real YouTube Views, which provides information about the product and possibility to make purchases through advertising references, which is demonstrated in the ads using credit card. This was reported in the company’s blog.
The option will be available on smartphones, tablets and desktops. Its starting is planned for the coming months.
How was noted the Innovation will allow advertisers to promote their product to specific consumer to get real views on YouTube, and provide convenient tools for its acquisition. Brands which took part in the testing, noted the model effectiveness.
May 15 The Wall Street Journal said that Google, which owns the world’s largest video hosting, will show the “Buy YouTube views” button right on the page of search results when using mobile devices. The button will be redirected to a special Google page, where you can select options of purchase with credit card and delivery method. Where to buy real YouTube views? Best sites:

  • YouTube was launched in 2005. Since 2006, the service is owned by Google. In 2013, the monthly site audience has exceeded one billion people. In total, YouTube users are browsing over six billion hours of video every month. For example, Instagram have more than 200 million followers (get real Instagram Followers). However, according to media reports, Google Guide believe that YouTube is not enough monetized, and ads which is placed on resource pages, is able to bring much more revenue than now.
    The Kazan programmer Kamil Hismatullin had discovered the vulnerability on YouTube, which allows deleting all clips from video sharing. March, 31 he told that in his blog. That case attracted the attention of the Western media. April, 3 that information was reported by BBC News.
    The vulnerability has been discovered in YouTube Creator Studio – the service that allows authors to view analytics on their videos uploaded through the application. Any movie could be removed because of a bug in a half minute using a copy of the video and the reference address of the authentication marker (or token), which works as a password.
    The problem was in that the system accepts any authentication marker. According to the rules, it should recognize only one token, which belongs to user’s account. Therefore, any token copying allowed deleting videos of other users without any difficulties.
    Kamil Hismatullin wrote to Google about YouTube vulnerability according to the program Vulnerability Research Grants, which was launched in January. Internet giant has responded immediately.
    Ultimately, Google has removed the problem in few hours, and he got a reward of five thousand dollars.Also read more:
  • PayPal – easy way to pay for real youtube views
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