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Best place to buy 500 followers Periscope – Social Media. Periscope is widely known as live video streaming software for iPhones (iOS) and also Android. The creators of this app are Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein. They developed this idea while Kayvon wasn’t able to observe the protest in Taksim Square. He had a strong desire to observe this invent but had no opportunity to do that. He could only read about it on Facebook. They managed to raise enough money for its development. And finally eight months ago this app was released to public. In only 4 short months it had already 100 millions accounts and every one of them has their own periscope followers. At first it was meant to be only for Androids but afterwards it became a very popular software for iPhones. Apple even called it the most successive app of the year 2015. If you want more Periscope subscribers you can buy 10k Periscope followers cheap and fast delivery.