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Buy 1000 Periscope Followers!


Choosing this popular package, you’ll get 1000 qualitative Periscope followers at the low price!


Purchase 1k followers Periscope on the best place is fine opportunity to surprise friends and fans. Users are able to choose for themselves if they want everyone to see their live streaming video or they can make it visible for only their friends. There is also an option for people to comment these live videos or post a certain link on their account of somebody else’s video.

If a user wants to thank a person who is streaming an interesting live video he can tap his screen and therefore send a «heart» to this user as a thankful gesture. A lot of celebrities are using Periscope all over the world. They find it very convenient to broadcast some or the moments from shooting a movie or live concerts can be also broadcasted with the use of this app. Only 500 hearts can be send so one broadcaster during one sessions, but if a user want to gain more hearts he simple should log out and log in again in a little while. That way in is possible to get even more hearts. People can send on Periscope basically as much comments as they want to. There is no limitations. But for the followers, people can only follow 8000 other users tops. If you need more real Periscope subscribers, then buy 10000 Periscope followers with fast delivery.