Look at the reflection in the mirror, very funny and amusing selfie!

What to do if you like to do selfie, but you do not like to use the front camera? Shoot yourself in the mirror when using the main camera smartphone! But don’t forget to check his reflection in the mirror before you upload photos to the Internet. Those who have forgotten this rule.

"Oh so this traffic"unsuccessful selfie


Look what’s back there!!! Don’t see shit in the background))

My favorite photographed while

“My favorite photographed while I was sleeping, it’s so cute)))))

amusing selfie while I was sleeping

“My favorite photographed while? Oh well now I know……

selfie My favorite photographed while

No one has forgotten everything in the photo.

ridiculous selfie

Pink friend!

 foolish selfie

I’m ready, grandma do photo!

beefy man selfie

Sorry dear, I didn’t see you!!! Selfie in a toilet:

selfie in a toilet

Sell TV.

 humour selfie

Super photographer.

Super selfie photo


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