Buy Periscope hearts, get many applause, top rankings for your profile, and live videos! The number of “Hearts” (Likes, compliments) that the user receives in Periscope measures a popularity of the user. The more hearts you get the higher your ranking will be on the most “Popular” list. If you get a large number of hearts for your broadcasts in Periscope that means your videos are definitely interesting and will attract new followers who want to keep track of your new live videos. Therefore, one of the most important tasks of a real and active Periscope user is to increase the number Periscope hearts and compliments.

How to Buy Periscope Hearts?

best place to buy periscope heartsSocial Media is truly the best place to buy the hearts for Periscope. We have solid experience in promoting videos, photos, brands, celebrities and just ordinary and active users in the social networking services. It is easy and secure to buy Periscope Hearts here.

  • Click the Buy Now button on the package that you like
  • Type your Periscope UserName and click the Add to Cart button
  • Pay for Periscope Hearts using PayPal

We will deliver your Periscope Hearts fast in the next few hours, depending on the number of hearts. You can order as many as you want Periscope hearts per one account, there is no limit! You may set the certain time for your harts to start receiving them, but you just need to specify that on the page of Cart before your payment.

For example: start delivering the hearts after 10 hours.

We see the time of your order and start delivering the hearts at the right time for you. Keep in mind that your profile should have broadcast over the past 24 hours.

Periscope works fast and efficiently, hundreds of thousands of new people are looking for the active users and want to sign up for the interesting broadcasts. No one would follow those users who have a few live videos and hearts. If you have a great number of hearts in Periscope, it means that many fans chose broadcasts videos and started following only successful and popular heroes. Get many Periscope Hearts and surprise you friends, users and followers. Drown your broadcasts in Periscope Hearts!

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