My Real Life Classroom

Looking back on the semester that passed in the blink of an eye, I think about the wide variety of learning experiences I’ve had during my time interning at Jubelirer Strategies. Already having agency experience, I was able to embrace the diverse set of clients ranging from healthcare and education all the way to non-profits. With these clients, I had the opportunity to participate in events such as Variety Club’s 55th Old Newsboys’ Day and the Pennsylvania Lung Cancer Partnership’s promotion of their Free to Breathe 5k in Philadelphia.

Working at Jubelirer Strategies gives a unique look into the public relations world by providing a fast-paced environment where you won’t repeat the same work day twice. It could be research and media relations one day, writing press releases and media advisories another, and even assisting at a press conference the next day.

Being an intern over the fall semester has taught me the basics of everything that needs to be accomplished when working for different clients. As a senior at Temple University, with my graduation date rapidly approaching, I feel that I have honed my skills with media relations, social media posts, writing for different outlets and effectively researching trends and client information. I can look back feeling more knowledgeable about what I have been learning in my courses over the past 4 years and how these skills are applied to real situations.


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  1. Daren Shew says:

    Interesting points, its definitely worth pondering in the future.

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