Great (Public Relations) Expectations from the New Intern

All summer I have been asked what my fall plans were and I humbly tried to contain my excitement when I mentioned that I would be interning for Jubelirer Strategies. While a 9-5 schedule on top of classes (I’m a junior attending Temple University) doesn’t excite everyone, it’s refreshing to think that this fall I will have the best of both worlds and I will finally get to experience real-time, hands-on public relations work.

So far my education at Temple has been phenomenal, but I have always felt that classes have forced me to look at PR and issue management through a filter; most of the interviews, media relations, and public relations writing done in class have simply been practice. The crises discussed have already happened (hindsight is 20/20) and we only speak in hypotheticals. In the “real world”, real people and real time replace practicing with professors. Hypotheticals must turn into real decisions with real consequences.

Being able to help and watch professionals make those decisions is the perfect step in between college classes and working in the real world, and I am expecting it to be a fascinating and exciting experience. I know I will be learning a lot and I will come out of this internship with a more thorough knowledge of public relations writing, media relations, and what goes on throughout the course of working in this whirlwind of an industry. I am ready for a great semester of learning with Jubelirer Strategies; along the way I hope my blog posts will help you learn something too!