1 story.

The husband comes into the shower, while his wife had just finished bathing. Hear the doorbell. The wife hastily wrapped in a towel and runs open. On the threshold – neighbor Bob. Only seeing her, Bob says: “I’ll give You $ 800 if You remove the towel.” After thinking a few seconds, the woman takes it and stands in front of Bob naked.

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Bob gives her $ 800 and leaves. Wife puts on a towel and comes back into the bathroom. “Who was that?” – asked the man. “Bob,” replied the wife. “Well,” says the husband, ” he did not say anything about the $ 800 that I should?” The moral of the story: share shareholder information the issued credits, otherwise You may find yourself in an unpleasant situation.

2 story.

The priest offers the nun to take her. Once in the car, she throws a leg over the other, so that the thigh is exposed. The priest struggles to avoid the accident. Aligning the car, he stealthily puts his hand on her leg. The nun says, “Father, remember Psalm 129?” The priest removes his hand. But, changing gear, he again puts his hand on her leg. The nun says, “Father, remember Psalm 129?”. Priest apologizes: “Sorry sister but the flesh is weak”. When she reached the convent, the nun he sighs and leaves. When I arrived at the Church, the priest finds Psalm 129. It says: “Go ahead and look above you will find happiness.” The moral of the story: if You don’t know his work, many opportunities for development will be directly in front of your nose.

3 story.

Trade representative, the Secretary and the Manager are walking to lunch and find antique lamp. They RUB it, and it appears gin. He says: “I will grant one wish to each of you. “Me first, me first!”, “says the Secretary. “I want to be in the Bahamas, on a boat, and not think about anything”. PS! She disappears. “Now I, now I,” said a sales representative. “I want to be in Hawaii, relaxing on the beach, a massage, an endless supply pin of kalady and the love of my life”. PS! He disappears. “Now it’s your turn,” said gene Manager. “I want those two back in the office after lunch.” The moral of the story: always let Your boss to speak first.

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4 story.

The eagle was sitting on a tree, rested and did nothing. Not a big rabbit saw the eagle and asked: “can I also sit like You and do nothing?” “Sure, why not,” he replied. Rabbit sat down under a tree and began to relax. Suddenly a Fox, caught a rabbit and ate it. The moral of the story: to be sitting and doing nothing, You must be sitting very, very high.

5 story.

Turkey said the bull. “I have a dream to climb to the top of a tree, she sighed, “but I have almost no strength”. “Why don’t you eat my litter? “replied the bull, as there are plenty of nutrients”. Turkey was fed a bunch of litter, and it really gave it enough power to climb on the lower branch of the tree. The next day, eating more, she reached the second branch. Finally, on the fourth day, the Turkey was proudly perched on top of a tree. There she was discovered by a farmer and shot from a gun. The moral of the story: manipulation of shit can help you to get on top, but will not keep you there.

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